Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Your F'D Up Freelance Request Of The Day #1

Here we go, then my comments:

I am in search of a Writer to write a treatment and a script. I have begun some of the storyline to give you a head start. I live in Orange County so i am searching for a writer who i can meet with in person and go over the plan of action. I am behind on time and need to begin now. If interested a pun # will get a faster reply. The script is an action thriller gone in sixty seconds and training day kind of movie, so please know this before hand. After viewing your work i will get back to you right away if chosen. Thank you all. 

Fee: Less Than $500.00

So, let's get this one straight.  You only want writers from Orange County.  Fair enough I guess.  But by the time you factor in travel expenses, parking costs for the meeting, and a million other things I estimate the person that takes this one making about seventeen and a half cents.  And by the way, a mix between Training Day and Gone In Sixty Seconds would probably suck.

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