Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nutty Freelance Writing Clients #8

Yes, complete stranger I don't even know and haven't even checked the qualifications of!  You seem like perfect candidate for this job.  Nevermind the fact that the person that's asking for the completed work doesn't even know how long the job needs to be.  Short story huh.  Ok, Bob went into space.  The end.

Yes, it took Isaac Asimov two to five hours to write all of his stories.  Even shitty ones take at least that long, trust me I know.

Oh, you would like this to be a series?   A space bounty hunter.  Or a space pirate?  How about a space hunting bounty pirate!  That sounds like it would be a perfect idea that would sell millions of ecopies.  Just think of if you can get the book rights optioned into a movie.  Captain Buck Longbeard, Space Hunting Bounty Pirate.  Why, you would be a god damned millionaire.

Oh, and he wants the story of this space hunting bounty pirate to be kid friendly.  And with lots of hard science.  Because that's what the kids love.  I hear my son telling me all the time about how much he wants to be a space hunting bounty pirate with an extensive knowledge of advanced theoretical physics.

No sir, I am not interested in your proposal.  I wish you, and your band of space hunting bounty pirates the best of luck.  However, if you folks reading this would like some honest work out of an honest man who has no interest in space hunting bounty pirates; I offer agreeable rates on any and all writing projects you have.  If you have a script or screenplay, or just some article that needs sprucing up leave your contact info in the comments section.  Or get a look at some of my stuff at

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