Monday, December 3, 2012

Nutty Freelance Writing Clients #5

Oh where oh where do I begin?  Well, I guess the only logical thing to do is let you read the post first...
Now that you're done, let's go through as much of this as possible.  First of all, twenty dollars.  Now twenty bucks may be nothing to sneeze at if you're a ten year old mowing the neighbor's lawn.  However, for the less than cleverly drawn up amount of six hundred and sixty-six unique ways to torture somebody; I don't think the enthusiasm in the project will be there.  I mean seriously, after the first hundred or so methods of torture some of them will end up less than funny.  The Simpsons has been on for over twenty years for example.  Can you honestly say that every episode of that show is funny?  You can't.

The best part about this particular posting is that they want your qualifications about why you'd be the perfect candidate to come up with so many ways to torture people.  Oh and it's a WORK FOR HIRE job, meaning your name will never be associated with it.  Thank god.  I can't imagine sitting in an office ten years from now and a potential client asking me about the list of torture ideas.  This kind of shit will definitely get you on the no fly list.

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