Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Life In A Small Town #2

               Another thing that everyone in northern Michigan seems to have; is a story about the time they met Bob Seger.  Yes, Bob is an even bigger legend in the northern part of the Lower Peninsula than Paul Bunyan.  The legendary rock musician during some of his rare downtime during his heyday touring would spend time in Oscoda, or near it.  At least that’s what I am told.  He would spend his time eating at this little bar/restaurant just north of the town, mostly during hunting season.  Remember what I told you folks in #1, people from Michigan really like to stalk and then possibly kill things during the fall. 
                Anyway, Bob would come up and take some much needed time off from his busy touring schedule and spend it hunting on this vast acreage of property he supposedly owned.  So it would seem natural that one or two people that have lived in the area for some time would have a story about when they met the man at a hunting supply store or a restaurant at the end of a long day of trying to give another creature lead poisoning.
                There’s just one problem.  Growing up, there seemed to be so many people that had an “I’ve met Bob Seger at the grocery store/restaurant/gas station” story that they can’t all possibly be true.  Which this has led me to the following conclusion.  Either all of these people are lying, or Bob Seger is a Yeti.
                I know it would seem strange to some of you to think that the man who sang “Turn the Page” would be a Yeti or a Bigfoot.  However, there are enough shows on television concerning the search for Bigfoot that it may just be true.  I’ve probably seem an amount of Bigfoot hunters that is roughly equal to the number of stories of Bob Seger sightings I have heard.  Then again, maybe most of those people are full of it.  Yes, I know it may be hard for some of you to believe; but there are folks that will lie about meeting a celebrity to improve their social standing.
                In northern Michigan, nothing will get people impressed more than a good “I met Bob Seger” story.  I fell for it once myself as a youth.  A friend of the family recounted to us one night how he had met Bob Seger.  The story was almost too unbelievable.  The family friend, who we will refer to as Drake; had been imbibing copious amounts of spirits and was escorted by officers of the law into a neighboring county’s drunk tank.  He is sitting there awhile when the officers escort another gentleman in.  The man informs Drake that he is in fact music legend Bob Seger.  Perhaps the man was just able to convince an inebriated Drake that he was who he said he was.  It could also be that he really was who he claimed to be. 
                It’s funny, most of the Bob Seger stories I’ve heard over the course of my life from people that live in northern Michigan seem to revolve around meeting him in a county drunk tank.  This means that either he has a bigger problem than he ever let on, they are all lying or Bob Seger really is Bigfoot.

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