Wednesday, August 15, 2012

They Say That In The Navy #3

Wow, we've actually made it to number three.  You know, in between having a terribly short attention span and a readership that hovers near the minimum number of people needed to field a baseball team; I'm surprised that I haven't given up on this one already.  However, there's so many stories to tell.  Most of them horrifically boring, but I will try my best to spice them up.

I might as well begin at the beginning.  Not fair trying to make you folks jump around the list of articles trying to piece this whole story together like watching reruns of Quantum Leap.  So we're going to start off at the start and hope you all don't start dropping like flies and go looking on YouTube for videos of cats looking surprised.

My journey into joining the navy starts the way many around the country are notified they lost a substantial amount of money gambling on a sport they have merely a base knowledge of; being woken up by a phone call early in the morning after a night of sleeping on a couch.  A friend of the family had joined the navy and was home on recruiting duty and figured to tap me as somebody that would enjoy the experience.  We'll get into the enjoying the experience part way later on here.

To make a long story short, a couple of days after the initial phone call I end up going down to the MEPS(Military Entrance Processing Station) a couple of hours away from where we lived at the time.  The MEPS had this odd mixture of airport waiting area, hospital and bus station.  It was technically a military installation, but had droves of civilian folk running around.  There were all these fun little tests that you had to go through, like walking across the room and walking like a duck.

Walking across the room like a duck may not seem like the thing that will keep us safe from the terrorists, but in a pre 9/11 society maybe the most we had to worry about was renegade ducks from the eastern seaboard.  I remember they had this odd little cafeteria that served these pre packaged sandwiches and whatnot.  One of the funnier things that I can recall about the place that I had to go get processed at was this excellent video arcade it had.  Seems kind of odd to have a South Park pinball machine.

Yeah, the pinball machine was kind of an odd one.  Especially given the fact that I don't remember a change machine.  We will have more on the processing station in the next edition.  thanks for reading.

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