Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Philadelphia Earthquake

Well, I was going to write a column about Libya and how Gadhafi’s reign as dictator of that country will be coming to an end soon.  But holy cow, we just had an earthquake here in Philadelphia.  Apparently the thing’s epicenter was in Mineral, VA near Washington DC.  We felt it for about twenty seconds and I swear the whole house shook.  Yelled for my son to run down the stairs and my wife is staring at me like what the hell is going on.  Spilled a full cup of coffee without even touching it.  After about twenty seconds the shaking stopped.  For some strange reason I went outside and began yelling to neighbors if they felt the thing.  It seemed like every house on our block had someone coming out of it asking everyone else if they felt it.  Sounded like everyone had their furniture rearranged.
Thankfully everyone on our end is ok.  I do not know what the situation is like in D.C. but I sure hope everyone there is alright.  Here in Philadelphia, there are a lot of buildings in Center City that are being evacuated.  It appears that City Hall has been emptied out.  Which of course is a good thing because that is a building that is over a hundred years old and I am not quite sure that it’s anything close to earthquake proof.  I hope that everyone is getting out of those buildings.  I was down at City Hall for the interview with Councilman Bill Green recently and can only imagine what everyone was thinking down there.  But this was my first earthquake and I have to say that it was something I won’t soon forget.  I hope that everyone is safe and stays safe. 

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