Friday, March 11, 2011

Your Cat Will Entertain You

Let’s face it folks, entertainment costs are on the rise.  Say you go to a movie, it’s going to be ten dollars minimum for a ticket.  And be prepared to take out a second mortgage if more than one person in your family wants popcorn.  Seems like everything is going up in cost and it is just going to continue.  Your cable bill will get bigger.  Even those of you that think you’re clever with the Netflix account know that they just raised prices.  There’s one thing though, that although the prices may jump slightly over the years, will assure you of entertainment even when the power goes out and you got no television to speak of.
Get a cat.  That’s all you have to do.  Just get a cat.  There’s plenty of them out there.  Think about this for a second.  When have you ever looked around and thought to yourself that there is a shortage of cats?  Not once.  And the startup costs are relatively cheap.  For around sixty dollars you can go to a pet store, or better than that your local Humane Society.  There are plenty of those lovable little balls of fur to go around.  After you get your cat of choice, all you got to do is buy some food, litter and box, and a couple of toys and you are set for a lifetime of entertainment.
I had an inkling of this notion of cats being nature’s calliope for some time now.  But it never really hit me until my wire and I were at our local pet store just yesterday.  Our cat is a little fussy when it comes to her food.  So every month we go out to the PetSmart and pick up her provisions.  On the short walk from the back of the store to the cash register; we see this aisle of various furry objects with bells and ribbons attached to them.  Little tiny fake mice for the cat to hone in on her instinctual hunting skills.  Some of them are just for plain ol’ goofing off.  Never mind the Oscars.  You get your cat a piece of fur with a bell and a stick on the end.  You will be assuredly entertained all night long.
Give you an example.  We return from the store about an hour or so before Oscar time.  After putting her food away, we present the cat with her new toy.  The thing with the stick and the fur.  After setting it on the floor for a few minutes; she gives us this look as if to say the new plaything has passed inspection and she is ready to give it a try.  So we hold the stick three feet over her head and wave it from left to right as she gazes on in astonishment.  Even at this we are amazed and entertained at how entranced the cat is by waving a stick over her head.  Then comes the big moment.  She’s going to try and jump at this thing.  She thinks it’s some kind of intruder hoping to attack her human protectors the second she drops her guard.  So once she thinks she has got this thing pegged, she makes a flying leap at the fur at the end of the stick.  For about two seconds, it appeared as if our cat was on a space walk of some sort.  She makes a swipe at the ribbon swaying back and forth.  I think she even tried to kick it.  But alas, she did not vanquish her foe and continued on trying until she tired and curled up to sleep in a corner.  Poor kitty had given up.
Or so we thought.  Fast forward to a few hours later.  Everyone had turned in for the night.  Out of nowhere this chiming cuts through the quiet.  It was our cat, dragging the furry stick up the stairs.  She had finally killed the savage intruder.  She then hops on the bed and looks at us as if to say, “look guys, I finally got him!”  Now with the world safe, she dug in under our bed and went to sleep.
So I hope you see what I mean here.  There’s plenty of cats out there that need a good home.  If you can, go get one.  Not only will you feel good about yourself; but you will get more entertainment than cable could possibly provide.

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